Tips for Positive Thinking

Tips to help you be positive

Try to be positive each day

Try to change your thoughts from being negative to positive.
Wake up each morning and try to be prepared… instead of being negative about something you must do, try to think of the benifits of doing this.
This could be something you do with a friend or work colleague.

The Text Positive Friend Task… It’s so fun

Say three things that are positive about yourself. EACH DAY! Try doing this with a friend at work or family member – OR…TEXT EACH WEEK AT THE SAME TIME: HAVE A GROUP OF FRIENDS JOIN IN . It is a fun thing to do.

Talk to People

It is very difficult to open up and discuss your issues to someone. However it is an amazing feeling when you do. I believe in the power of communication. As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I see so many people improve their wellbeing by simply talking.

The Positivity of circle power

For the students I work with, we have this wonderful moment of saying ‘circle power’ before a worrying event. This is done with spinning a circle. It is a little fun to do. I do this myself and am not afraid to mention this, as it is uplifting.



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