The Tale of the Forest King

tree and lightThe Tale of the Forest King, The POWER of words is all that is left

I walked into the dark forest
There you were majestically king of all
I softy touched the dark wood in front of me
And gently admired your beauty
You gave me more power than I ever had before
More power to understand what the city had done

I felt your pulse
Your beating heart was weak
Your pain
Your knowledge
I listened to you tell the tale
Of how livinia, keeper of the forest
knew the secrets of the ribbons
That grew and cascaded on your living branches
And each autumn they were outstanding
Constantly reproducing
Loving all life forms around
This was mine
Your beating heart weaker and weaker
My power of words is all I have
to tell the tale of the forest king
That gave his magical spirit to all

Liviv R 2018 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy




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