Little Words of Calm and Mystical Tales

Wonderful textures and hypnotic sounds

Step into a world of magical tales, calming poetry and a walk through the mystical forest. Childhood adventures, all set around a mystical forest, family and positive thinking.

Tell you a tale
Of a Livinia
She roamed the land
Looking for magic and spells in a book of family traditions
But what she found, was not silly folk law
But real life stories of untold magic, curses and future readings
This she kept hidden, a secret it would be
Until she grew too old to keep its secrets hidden anyomore
Then she passed her secrets on
Just like her grandmother, and THEN…

Links to different areas 

Link to my Poetry: Poetry by Livinia         Link to SPELLS AND MAGIC: Spells and Magical Tales

Link to CALM  TECHNIQUES:Interactive Calm, Stress, Techniques Page   Link to STRESS T:Stress At Work Techniques

Link to POSITIVE THINKING: Tips for Positive Thinking


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