I love Everyone’s Diverse Imperfections

I love everyone's diverse imperfections. These creatively embody each being... to be wonderful and unique. The diverse attractions, I love to pursue and individually seek STIMULATING EXCITING Each smile uplifting and memorable. I yearn to seek all the exciting people, My journey is not unique. This I need to do.......before I am a little too... Continue Reading →

The Witch in the Dark Soil, Poetry by Livi

In The dark  Soil... I watched the caliginous witch fade, as she moved into the alluring ground beneath. I hated her loathsome rancid odour, as she manipulated me as her daughter. The leaves of the forest floor nurtured her nebulous slaughter, and the CHATTER murderously struck your heart, with her spontaneous laughter.  I gave her... Continue Reading →

Poetry of West Bay, Dorset

West Bay, Dorset... I want the world to just stop turning. The time on the clock radio to stand still. The singing of the band and the beautiful silence to take over the beach, so we can just simply sit and talk. Talk about nothing important, talk about the sun, talk about the rain, talk... Continue Reading →

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